Act For Widlife

The Virginia Zoo's Conservation Fund


The Virginia Zoo will create a world where everyone values wildlife and the environment.

What is Act for Wildlife?

Act for Wildlife is the Virginia Zoo's conservation fund, which supports local and global conservation efforts for threatened species.

How are we helping conservation efforts?

The Virginia Zoo supports conservation activities locally and world-wide. From improving wetlands and shoreline oyster beds right here at the Zoo to funding the scientific study and protection of tigers, hornbills and more, we are committed to ensuring that all wildlife survives for future generations..

Where does your donation go?

Your donation will go towards the conservation effort that the Zoo sees to be most pressing at the time of donation unless otherwise specified.

Our animals connect us to a shared Earth that needs protecting. Now is your chance to Act for Wildlife and help tackle the challenges facing endangered species. Together, we have the power to save wildlife and their habitats!

If you have any questions about your donation or would like to dedicate your gift to someone else, please reach out to the Development department at 757-441-2374 ext. 220 or [email protected].