Zoo Fund

the driving force behind our mission-based experiences


The Virginia Zoo is committed to engaging our community in taking action to save the world’s wildlife and their ecosystems.

What is Zoo Fund?

Zoo Fund exists to further our mission of education, conservation, and recreation in Hampton Roads and beyond.

What does it do?

Gifts to our Zoo Fund enable our education team to provide exceptional programming that will delight, inspire and motivate patrons to care for the natural world.

Who benefits from your donation?

Your donation will benefit the Zoo, our members, and the community.

There will be meaningful progress towards the stewardship & conservation of the over 700 animals and habitats that call the zoo home, as well as their wild relatives.

Your generosity creates experiences that bond families, inspire students, advance conservation around the world, and spark a lifelong appreciation for the animals we all love. Help educate and inspire the next generation of wildlife allies by donating today!

If you have any questions about your donation or would like to dedicate your gift to someone else, please reach out to the Development department at 757-441-2374 ext. 226 or [email protected].